Shareable Tourism

Locality and the local ways of life are one of the most important attractions in tourism. The demand for experiencing the local way of life, local food and other seasonal products is increasing all the time. Ordinary matters for the inhabitants of Lapland, such as being and acting in nature and forest, winter cycling, picking berries and mushrooms and using them in the food making, taking a sauna or clean tap water can be real tourism experiences to the tourists from other parts of the world. However, the tourism product development of everyday life or everyday practices is not easy.

The sharing economy trend has spread fast and spreads still bringing new economy models and dimensions also to the tourism. Many forms of the sharing economy (for example Airbnb, Uber, couch surfing) are one possibility to respond to the tourists’ need to become acquainted with the Finnish way of life and with local culture. The sharing economy can offer companies possibilities to produce new, innovative and genuinely local and individual services but there are also many challenges to beat.

The objective of the project is firstly to identify and find out the present situation and future prospects of the sharing economy in general and the forms of the sharing economy in Lapland related to the tourism business. Second objective of the project is to find out the possibilities and challenges of using everyday life and everyday practices in tourism related sharing economy and to find possible solutions to product development.